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We´ve decided to start this new photo “section”. As you know, we live in a globalized world: news travel in a matter of seconds to reach every monitor connected to the internet. In order to bring the last information, we´ll be posting photos representing important facts. You can click the Flickr gallery or stay tuned in the main blog for fresh weekly photos compiled and selected on the www by our editor. Soon, you will be able to find libertymoderna´s own pictures.

Ariana Ferber-Carter performs with Circus Smirkus in Revere, Massachusetts August 1, 2008. Circus Smirkus is an international, travelling youth circus, with youths 14 to 19 years old performing 71 shows at 14 venues around the northeastern United States this summer.

Source: Reuters


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August 2, 2008 at 5:23 pm

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